SkiAscent offers a bespoke guiding service in mountainous regions around the world.  We have a selection of summer and winter activities to help you.  alpine climbing – snow sports – ice climbing – snowshoeing – rock climbingmountaineering.  We create and deliver the highest possible itineraries to suit your aspirations.

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Our Guides:

Neil Mackay ifmga



Neil is a IFMGA Mountain / Ski Guide and a full member of the British Mountain Guides association and is part of the first ever father & son British guiding team. Neil has extensive experience working in mountainous regions of the Alps, Himalaya and the UK.

Mac Mackayifmga


William Mackay is a full member of the British Mountain Guides association. Having retired as an army officer to devote more time to developing a distinct niche in the market of hazardous and hostile  workplace safety/security management, including adventure risk. As an IFMGA mountain guide he is able to concentrate on his other interest of mountain and ski guiding.